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Carrie and Lisa - North Carolina

From the minute Carrie and Lisa met, they knew that they wanted to expand their family together. Lisa already had two sons from a previous marriage, so it made sense for Carrie to be the one to get pregnant. In the midst of planning for the arrival of their daughter, Zoë, Carrie and Lisa never questioned that they would both be Zoë’s parents. But after talking to friends who had also had children, the couple realized that their options were limited in North Carolina.


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Foster children waiting for adoption into loving, forever homes. Children denied legal ties to both their parents. Children denied access to parents’ health insurance coverage, quality child care, and early childhood education programs.  Children wrongly separated from their parents in cases of divorce or the death of a parent. Families denied basic government aid and safety net programs, Social Security Survivor benefits, inheritance, and more. Loving families who face social stigma and discrimination.

Has your family faced any of these barriers? Share your story and help us advocate for common-sense policy solutions to tackle these challenges.

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