Share Your Story of Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination


Family Equality council is looking for stories from LGBTQ families and individuals facing discrimination in 6 states: Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Virginia

Examples of discrimination we would like to hear about include:

  • Discrimination at work, in seeking housing, or in a public setting
  • LGBTQ youth treated unfairly in foster care and adoption
  • Discrimination based on family structure (e.g. refusal of service to same-sex parents)
  • Public service discrimination (e.g. health care, disability services) against LGBTQ clients
  • Discrimination or unequal treatment for LGBTQ families at school

Complete this form to share details of your experience with our Storytelling Project Manager. All information remains confidential, and we'll get in touch if your story is a good fit for this project!