Share Your Story of Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination in Adoption or Foster Care


We are collecting stories from LGBTQ people who have faced discrimination in the foster care or adoption context OR who were deterred from fostering or adopting a child because of discriminatory barriers that exist.

We are especially interested in stories where the discrimination was justified because of an agency’s religious or moral beliefs or expressly due to a prospective parent’s sexual orientation or gender identity. We welcome stories from LGBTQ people who, for example:

  • Were prevented or deterred from being foster or adoptive parents;
  • Experienced significant delays in fostering or adopting a child;
  • Went to a different locality to adopt because of barriers where they lived;
  • Seriously considered or explored fostering or adopting but ultimately did not do so because of discriminatory barriers or fear of discrimination. 

Stories submitted by August 31st will be considered for inclusion in a "friend of the court" brief in a very important federal court case — Fulton v. City of Philadelphia — in which Catholic Social Services  claims it has a First Amendment right to reject qualified foster and adoptive parents simply because they are LGBTQ.

Share Your Story

Complete the form below to share your story with the Family Equality Council team. If your story seems like it might be a good fit for our “friend of the court” brief, a member of our policy team will be in touch to gather more information and to answer any questions you may have.

We will not share your story publicly without discussing with you further to provide specific details about how your story will be shared, and to obtain your explicit consent.

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If you experienced discrimination when interacting with adoption or foster care agencies or other child welfare providers, tell us what happened. OR If you were deterred from fostering and adopting because of discriminatory barriers, please explain in as much detail as possible, the experiences, information, or overall perception of discrimination that caused you to decide not to become a foster or adoptive parent. Please also indicate whether you are currently a foster or adoptive parent, whether you sought to foster or adopt as an individual or with a partner or spouse, and how you identify in relation to the LGBTQ community.