Speak up for schools

To make schools more welcoming and supportive of students from LGBTQ families, we need to hear from the youth!


Family Equality Council is currently creating a curriculum for elementary education teachers and support staff that will highlight the ways in which schools can be welcoming and supportive of students from LGBTQ families. Want to help? Please upload a brief video (less than 60 seconds) to this page. In the video, ask your child(ren) to respond to one of the following prompts (please include your voice asking the question in the video).

  • Does your school library have any books about families that look like yours?

  • How can your teacher show you he or she understands families like yours?

  • How do the kids at your school respond when they find out you have (fill in family makeup here)?

  • What should teachers say if they hear a kid at school questioning you about your family?

  • How can your school show you that they support ALL kinds of families?

We are open to all kinds of responses: silly, emotional, serious, one children, sibling groups...the list goes on! We just ask that you record the video with your phone in a horizontal position and choose a neutral background (solid wall is ideal). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Amanda Hopping-Winn (ahoppingwinn@familyequality.org; (646) 880-3005 x 122).

More Info:

This curriculum will be piloted throughout the country before being disseminated to our National Network of LGBTQ Parent Groups for use in their local schools. As part of the pilot project, we would like to include a short video of our children talking about what they want from their schools and teachers.